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Compact units for complex tasks

HydroDyn® Systems goes one step further in terms of convenience, efficiency, and simplicity with its container-based design. Each container covers one work step in the process. The units are designed to reduce space requirements and are ideally suited for retrofitting.

Designed as compact and fully functional units, the containers have a significantly smaller number of interfaces. This allows production lines not only to be set up in small spaces, but also to take up production in an unusually short time. Since the containers undergo a complete test run at the factory before delivery, commissioning time is reduced even more.



HydroClean ONE

The unit “HydroClean – ONE” is designed and engineered for the first step of the cleaning process and consists of 3 systems:

  • Heavy Duty Trap System
  • HydroCleaner H2 System
  • HydroSeparator System

The first step is the dosing of the input material and protection of the downstream machinery from damages by separation of heavy impurities out of the material stream. The main feature is the first cleaning step, performed by a powerful 132 kW HydroCleaner H2. The contaminated process water with removed impurities is separated in the HydroSeparator System, which represents the conclusion of the “HydroClean – ONE” unit and finalizes the first cleaning step.



HydroGrind ONE

HydroDyn recommends a 2-step-sizing, for good cleaning results. The “HydroGrind – ONE” unit can be installed on small footprint between the first and second cleaning step, to realize the second sizing step. The unit “HydroGrind – ONE” consists of 2 systems:

  • WetGrinder System
  • HydroSieveSeparator System

The material is wet grinded after addition of process water. In a two-stage process, the process water is subsequently separated and collected for continued use in the process.



HydroPure ONE

The unit “HydroPure – ONE” is comprehensively equipped and yet compactly designed with the focus on the final cleaning step and start of purifying process. The unit consists of 4 systems:

  • HydroCleaner H2 System
  • HydroCyclone System
  • HydroSeparator System
  • HydroPredryer System

A powerful 132 kW HydroCleaner H2 removes the very last surface contamination. Especially contaminations and foreign polymers with a density >1 t/m³ are separated from the material stream with the serial separation stages of the HydroCyclone System. The process water is removed and the material is pre-dried mechanically in two stages by the HydroSeparator and HydroPredryer System.



AeroPure ONE

“AeroPure – ONE” is the final step of the drying process and air purifying process. The unit consists of 2 systems:

  • HydroDryer System
  • AeroSeparator System

The HydroDryer System combines mechanical drying with subsequent thermal drying. The pre-dried material is pressed out and mixed with hot air in a controlled process. The material is then pneumatically fed into the AeroSeparator system. Based on the classifying procedure 3D rigids are separated from 2D flexibles in the Aero Separator System. The material stream is purified additionally, and the output quality is further increased.

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