HydroDyn: The cleanest waste ever


The new standard for purity in plastics

The HydroDyn® process sets new standards for the purity of recycled plastics. It is based on a type of friction which can be precisely dosed (hydrodynamic surface friction). This principle, familiar from the wood, paper, and metals processing industries, is applied in plastics recycling for the first time in the HydroCleaner from HydroDyn®. In combination with a highly turbulent water flow, the plastic wastes are cleaned of adherent organic soil particles and adhesives with great effect.

HydroCleaner in 1 step

A unique solution

The patented cleaning method is based entirely on mechanical cleaning, chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, used in conventional recycling, are not required. This cleaning method also removes substances which even sodium hydroxide cannot.

The HydroCleaner is built in Germany and was developed here as well – an innovation Made in Germany.

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