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About us

A partner with operating experience

HydroDyn® Systems is not only a plant supplier, it is also an operator of recycling plants. With this, since 2006 developed, wealth of knowledge and experience, HydroDyn® Systems can act as single-source supplier for everything you need – from retrofitting of individual components all the way to a turnkey recycling plant for materials like bottle-to-bottle PET, PE-LD and PE-HD . But planning and realization involve not only our own products. Our groupwide more than 60 employees can also plan and supply plant components from other suppliers, such as units for sorting, dry processing, and granulation.


Test Center

We operate a fully equipped test center where we optimize our technology and run trials to find the best solution for you.
Selected references
2013, PET - Fulda, Germany
2015, LLDPE / LDPE - Plowdiw, Bulgaria
2016, LDPE - Schwerin, Germany
2018, HDPE / PP Nets - Holstebro, Denmark
2018, LDPE / PP / HDPE - Pori, Finland
2019, LLDPE / LDPE - Pori, Finland
2020, PET - Russia
2020, LDPE - Hasselt, Belgium
2021, HDPE / PP Nets - Maastricht, The Netherlands
2022, LLDPE / LDPE - Lyon, France

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